Writers’ Block

I am suffering from horrible writers’ block. I have no idea what to post about or what to say in general.
I haven’t yet posted about my garden this year. But what would I say? Here is a picture of my garden, look…it’s growing food.
I could blog about the girls, but there isn’t really any stories there. Sure they say some funny and cute things. And sure we’ve been doing things, but other then a picture here and there…. Is any of it post worthy?
I am having some pains I could complain about. But honestly it is more like BPAP (Body Parts Against Paula) meetings that only a few people are showing up to so not that worth mentioning. Besides, I’m not a complainer like that. 😉
I have been suffering from insomnia a lot. Tonight, for example, I went to bed at 10pm and while it took me a while to get to sleep, I did sleep. Until 12:30am. I laid in bed for 30 minutes before giving up for a bit to update you on my absence on here and to maybe play a couple games before I try again to sleep.
I have pills to help me sleep. And I do give in every 4-5 days and take one, but really I’d like my body to figure this out on it’s own and fix itself. I can assure you that I’m not holding my breath on this idea because my body usually doesn’t do what I’d like it to. It’s got an agenda of it’s own and I’m not privy to it.
We only have 3 weeks until school starts and so much that I’d like to fit I to that time. So many things that I wanted to do or see with the girls this summer and have yet to do. Tomorrow I plan on making a list of things with the girls’ help and see how much of it we can get pounded out before school starts. Money and time permitting, of course.
Tomorrow I may try to get pictures of my garden to share. Nothing too exciting, but at least it is something to write about.
Any ideas on a way to cure writers’ block? Or insomnia, for that matter?

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