Garden 2011

Though I haven’t mentioned it at all, I am growing a garden again this year.  I feel as though things are just not progressing very quickly this year.  Maybe it is just me though.  (Note: I just checked back in my posts one year ago and sure enough, I had veggies at this time last year)

I’m not sure whether that means that things are just going to all grow a little later but I’ll still have an abundance of vegetables or if it means that I’m going to get less than last year.  I hoping it is the first.

Now I know that part of it is that I didn’t get my garden in first thing thing this summer and I wasn’t here to care for it during those first days.  I was in Florida.  I did have a friend come water for me, but of course it isn’t as good as I would have done.  No one can take as good care of a baby (or garden in this case) as well as a mommy.

Here is what it looks like so far though.

Looks like a mess of green…right?  In this picture you can mainly see my raspberries, which are done already 😦  Though I’m hoping for a second batch.

Here you can see some of the 3 zucchini plants that I have planted, cucumbers that are hiding behind the zucchini on the terrace, and one of my tomato plants.  I’ve already collected 2 zucchinis and there is one cucumber working on growing.  I also have a handful of green tomatoes.

I also have 2 pumpkin plants growing which have made their way around the corner of the house and are now trying to climb up on the back porch.  My hope is for at least 2 pumpkins this year.  Last year we ended up a great big zero!

Also not pictured is broccoli and onions.  Though the onions are right where water comes down so they may be getting drowned out.  Right next to the onions was some sugar snap peas.  Those are no longer there.  Not sure what happened…whether they were drowned or what exactly happened.  All I know is that they are dead.  Poor, poor peas.

My garden needs weeding and it looks like the weather is finally going to cooperate and cool down a little bit.  I have TONS of flowers on most of the plants so I’m hoping for a good harvest.  Sooner or later.

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