Zoe inspired

For about the past week I’ve been working on my knitting. I know…knitting, right? I am completely self taught. Through watching YouTube videos of knitting. Impressed? So was my mom. I had learned years ago and started a couple blankets but lost interest. Look, something shiny!

I’ve recently started adding rows to my partially finished blankets while sitting on the couch with Andy in the evening. I’ve tried to do some during the day from time to time but I have this problem with getting anything accomplished with them. It is called children and housework. Two things that really need my attention and for some reason knitting doesn’t interest either of those two things.

However, Zoe helps me knit. What?! How can a dog help with knitting?

Well. First off she sits on my yarn. I’m not sure if she is trying to help with my tension or just likes the feel of the yarn running underneath her. Maybe she just likes the constant hum of my voice telling her to move as I push her off of the yarn over and over again. Sometimes she will toss in some variety and sit right up against my side. This makes it very interesting when it comes to moving my arm or the needle for that matter. She is helpful like that.

Secondly, Zoe enjoys bringing her toys to me and dropping them right on my lap and into my knitting. This causes me to have to stop where I’m at and remove said toy, hopefully before she leaps into my knitting. If I toss the toy she would think that it was a game and she would continually bring it back to me dropping it in my lap each time. Instead I just set it down next to me on the couch trying to make it look as boring as possible. I hope at this point that she doesn’t take this move as an invitation to sit as close to me as possible, again as with helping case number one.

I’m sure that what happens next will leave you giggling. After so long of my attempts to ignore her she will leave my side ever so briefly, only to come back with a different toy and drop it into my lap. It is as if she is thinking, “You didn’t like that toy? Me either. Try this one. Wanna play with this one?”

No, I don’t wanna play with that one. I want to sit by myself and knit some. It’s going to take me years to finish one blanket at this rate!

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