Gift Giving

Because buying gifts is so difficult, I try to avoid it as much as possible. Not to say I don’t buy gifts for people, I just struggle with gift buying. I hate the idea of getting something that a person will stick in the back of a closet and never use. I want gifts to show that I listen and know what they like. This leaves things darn near impossible. Mission Impossible! Call in the professionals please.

Gift cards are always a good fallback, but make me feel like I’ve completely pulled a cop-out. So I’ve tried to embrace the idea that time spent with me is a gift. Come on, we all know how awesome I am. Buy you dinner and entertain you with conversation…that I can do.

A few years back I started taking my niece, Kyra, out to dinner and then shopping for her birthday. (something my aunt use to do for me. Though, somewhere along the line I guess I outgrew these birthday treats. How age can be so cruel. ) The first year of tradition went wonderfully and Kyra loved it. The next year time went buy so quickly that before I knew it her next birthday was here. Now I owed her 2 days with Auntie Paula. Of course, she’s busy, I’m busy, and darn that whole money issue. This year rolls around and, Lord, look around and see how in debt I’m getting.

This year, however, I got smart and put on a birthday party for her. Gave her mom and dad a break and I took care of cake and ice cream. We had it at a local park and I think everyone had a good time. The dads/uncles threw around a football and hit some baseballs while the kiddies ran around like crazy little nuts on the playground.

This left me with 2 days with Auntie still though.

Last week, though, I was able to borrow Miss Kyra for the day.  First her and the girls played until Andy got home.  Then it was just Kyra and I off for shopping and dinner.  We headed to the mall and after some hemming and hawing she made her decisions and we were off to dinner at one of her favorite places.  We ended the evening with an overnight that had all little girls involved very excited.

See….I’m an awesome gift giver.  And, to top it off, I’m down to owing Kyra just one more Auntie Day.

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