T-minus 2 Days until School Starts

Today was the “Third Annual End of the Summer” party, which is always held at Chuck E Cheese.  This party is held by me and includes my children, Jazzy (Cassie’s friend), and Becky.  We all converge on Chuck E Cheese to feast on pizza and to spend a boat load of tokens on the games there.

My kids love this day and look forward to it from the beginning of summer on.  Of course, my children also count down til school is back in session too.  Yeah…they are a little odd.  But they are mine just the same.

After our party we headed home to get some cleaning and straightening done (read: the girls needed to clean up the basement….their “toy” room) and pack for an overnight at Uncle Tony’s.  I didn’t even need to intervene on any arguments or shake my head, as I usually do when they try to tell me everything is picked up while they sit in the midst of Littlest Pet Shop, Barbies, and other random toys.

Once Andy was home, it was off to school for “Meet the Teacher” night.  I personally love this night because the kids are so excited about it.  I’m also very excited because I get to visit with the teachers and, because I’m there all the time volunteering, it is like getting back together with friends for me too.

This year  upon my visiting with everyone I found out that staff are trying to tear me apart.  It seems that everyone wants my help this year.  Usually I’m in the library all the time helping out the librarian and loving what I do.  Two years ago I helped in one of the Kindergarden rooms and the teacher there is asking for my help this year again because both of the classrooms are very full of children.  Upon meeting up with the principal in the hall, I was asked to help out in the “book room” where teachers go to get several copies of a book to use in class.  I also learned in my visiting that I was brought up in a staff meeting where it was brought up that I may be able to help out in other areas.

I am completely flattered!  The fact that so many people want my help makes me so unbelievably happy.  I know that I’ll have to pick and choose things so that I don’t become overwhelmed (I’m only at school on Wednesdays and Fridays) and I know that they will understand on anything that I say I can’t do.  This is one of the reasons I love volunteering there.  They appreciate me.

And I don’t have vacation or lunch restrictions.  Also, it is very good for my ego.

A wonderful day all around!

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