The Eve of Back to School

Tomorrow is the first day of school and that is all the girls could talk about today.

We want to take showers tonight.  We want pretty outfits for tomorrow.  We want to pick out earrings in the morning.  Can you paint our nails for tomorrow?

Just a little intense about the whole school starting thing.  Not that I mind horribly.  It makes it easy to get them off to school each morning and to do their homework.  Kalli loves school because it is rigid.  It is the same thing each week and she knows exactly what to expect.  I hear about anything that happens during the day that is not the norm.  Whether it is the fact that her teacher isn’t there or they had a different schedule that day for one reason or another.  Kalli is also very into rules.  In kindergarten she recited what the school and class rules were.  Even now, entering second grade, rules are still very important.  At the end of her day she will go through who didn’t follow rules, who got in trouble, and what rules they broke.  She is really a stickler for rules.

Cassie is just so excited to see her friends and teacher again.  When we went to “Meet the Teacher” yesterday, Cassie gave her teacher a huge hug.  Cassie isn’t so thrilled about the homework part (particularly math) but I would bet a million dollars that tomorrow morning she will be up early and ready to go at least a half hour before she has to be.


Tomorrow you can expect to see annual back to school pictures.  It wouldn’t be a new year without them. 🙂

Honestly, I feel a little tug of sadness with the idea that they are going back already.  Summer just flew by this year and I enjoyed having my girlies around.  At least most of the time.  I have to admit that it will be nice to have some quiet with no one arguing or complaining.

I can’t decide what wins this battle….  The pros or the cons of a new school year.

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