School Days – Day 1

Today was the first day of school for my little girlies.  Cassie was up at her normal time…early. (that she gets from her father.  Mornings and I don’t see eye to eye)  I had to wake Kalli, but when I mentioned school she woke up fast.

At 7:45am they were asking to leave.  This is 45 minutes before we were going to leave.  Their school doesn’t start until 9:00.  This may have been the longest 45 minutes in any of our lives.  And I think the girls learned that watching the clock doesn’t make it go any faster.

Here is how I got this nice picture.

Girls stand next to each other and look at me.
Kalli put her arm around Cassie.
Cassie then pushed Kalli’s hand off of her.
I gave Cassie a look.
Cassie says: I don’t want her touching me
I say: Cassie, come on.
Cassie puts her arm around Kalli’s neck and squeezes until Kalli looks like her eyes are going to pop out. (may be a little over exagerated)
I say: Cassandra!
Cassie just looks frustrated.
I go over by them and in whispered frustration say: Look, I came here early before a lot of people got here to do this.  You will pose nicely for me so I can get one picture.  And you will look happy doing it. Now Cassie put her hand around Kalli’s waist, Kalli arm around Cassie.  Now SMILE. (at this point I’m talking through gritted teeth)
I take picture and we move onto solo pictures.

Cassie is now in fifth grade…and you know what that means, right?  Next year my bah-bee will be in middle school.  When the hey did that happen??

Kalli is now in second grade, which is equally as scary.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was in my arms cooing at me?

The girls both came home happy and tired.  We had some tears from both which only proved my point that they needed to head to bed early.  Onto day two!

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