Today I wanted to cry at the store

The past couple days it has been cooler outside then we are now use to.  In the morning when the girls go out to wait for bus it has been around 40 degrees.  The high has been in the 68 degree area.  Because of the coolness of the mornings, the girls have been wearing long pants to school.  This would normally be fine, but it seems that the girls have no “cool weather clothes”.

Cassie’s pants were pretty much all trashed at the end of this past winter because of the holes that the hinge in her long leg brace caused in the knees.  Plus, believe it or not, Cassie has grown over the summer.  Ten year olds grow over the span of 3 months.  Even crazier… 7 year olds grow too.  Kalli seems to have outgrown all her pants.

I can’t have the girls going off to school in shorts – they may freeze.  Or at least complain a lot about freezing.  And, of course, you can’t send kids to school without pants.  They frown upon that.

I went through all the girls’ winter clothes and sorted through what was usable this year, things that were too small for Cassie yet too big for Kalli, and what was too small for Kalli.  Then I wept a little because I knew I had to buy pants and jeans.  And pants and jeans are expensive.  But since I didn’t really have anything for Cassie to wear for tomorrow…out we went to the store.

Cassie recently moved up to the juniors section so I wasn’t sure what size jeans she would take.  After trying on a few pair, we found her size and I made our purchases.  I am awestruck by how much a pair of jeans cost.  It is ridiculous.  And while I plan on making a trip to our local second hand store, the three pair (2 for Cassie, 1 for Kalli) that I purchased had made me wonder how it is people can buy clothes and feed their families.  Prices are just getting ridiculous.

So kids…growing…weeping at registers while paying for clothing.  Boy, this mom thing really is an adventure.


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One Response to Today I wanted to cry at the store

  1. The Mom thing is an adventure. It is a roller coaster of emotions that will settle down over time. Then, When the kids are grown and have moved on you will look back at these days and only remember the “up” times. I guess parents have selective memory just like kids do. But we can get away with it ’cause we’re old. 😉 One day at a time, one step at a time. Breathe through your nose and enjoy the ride. The end of the ride comes faster than you think.

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