A typical week

Overwhelmed.  That is how I am feeling.  School is in full swing and I feel like all I do is run.  And run.

I’m sure that everyone out there is wondering what an average week of ours looks like.  Because our lives are very interesting, of course.  For your viewing pleasure…

On weekdays, Andy is up and gone by 6:20.  My alarm goes off at 6:30 and I really do try to get up right away, but that snooze button is such a nice little button.  By 7 (ish) I’m up and calling down to Cassie to start getting her braces on.  I get dressed and hope that I remember to grab everything I need because, honestly, stairs in the morning and my body in the morning aren’t on speaking terms.

I get the girls going with getting dressed, make sure they both have eaten, and that bags are packed with everything that they need for the day.  We watch the news and they pack the rest of their backpacks as I hand over newly filled water bottles and a snack for the day.  Yes both the girls get a snack time during the day and get to have water bottles in class.  This is because they are spoiled and go to an awesome school.  I don’t have to worry about them drinking enough or starving.  In reality, dehydration is more of a risk then them starving.

At about 8:15 I start telling the girls to make sure everything is ready to go.  At about 8:25 we head outside to wait for the bus that usually shows up at 8:35ish.  It is usually at about 8:30 that Kalli decides that she has to go to the bathroom and heads into the house while I look at her unbelieving that the bus will be there any minute and this is the moment that she decides that nature is calling.  And yes, I do ask her at 8:15 if she has to go.  It is always a no.  Her system obviously isn’t in sync with my schedule for them.

On Mondays, I have my free day.  This is the day that I try to get things done around the house.  Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, grocery shopping, pretending that I’m Susie Homemaker……  Finding time for those bon-bons is really not an easy task.  That isn’t to mention that I’m not a very good at staying on task.  Darn computers and Facebook.

Andy gets home at 3:17 and the girls bus pulls up at 3:50ish.  Monday evenings are usually quiet.  Thank goodness for Monday evenings.

On Tuesdays, my buddy Brady comes to stay with me.  He usually arrives at 8 and gets to spend a little time with the girls.  All involved in that little bit of time are thrilled.  Girls go to school and then Brady and I are on our own.  Playing, nap (naps if I join him), lunch, and more playing ensue.  Brady leaves at like 3:15 and I think a little bit about supper.

Andy arrives home shortly after Brady leaves and then the girls are home.  Then it is run run run!  Cassie gets ready for swimming lessons as Kalli gets ready for gymnastics.  Cassie’s class starts at 4:40 and is done at 5:20  Kalli’s class is 5:05 – 5:50.  This leaves me running back and forth.  Drop off Cassie, sit with Kalli, Kalli goes into class, back down to wait for Cassie, help Cassie get showered and set before going out into the main area to meet up with Kalli after her class, which lets out about 5 minutes after Cassie is finished getting ready.  Then it is home to dig around for supper, do homework, and off to bed.

On Wednesdays, I volunteer at school all day.  I bring the girls to school and leave with them at the end of the day.  I spend the morning part of the day in one of the Kindergarden rooms because I enjoy proving my insanity.  (26 five year olds is not something a sane person does on purpose)

Once home we eat dinner, the girls do homework, and (because I have a wonderful husband) Andy and Kalli head off to Kalli’s swimming lessons from 6 – 6:40.  Cassie finishes up homework and we have a little bonding time before they are back home.  Then it is time to get ready for bed and off they go.

Thursdays are another Brady day.  Visiting with the girls in the morning and then it is just us and the same as Tuesdays.  Sometimes I’ll keep Brady until 5 on Thursdays so that Cassie can get more Brady time.  She loves that little man.  Along with any little ones.

Fridays are another day that I’m at school volunteering all day.  This day I stick just to being in the library where it is a bit more quiet with plenty to do.  Other then the daytime, Fridays are quiet days.

This isn’t even putting into place Girl Scouts for each of the girls (which ends up, between the two of them, being every week-ish) or appointments and other commitments.

Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.


Because of my slacking in posts (can you blame me?  Look up at that schedule) I didn’t get to wish my hubby a happy birthday.  On September 20th my soul mate came into this world.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!

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