A Picking We Will Go

Last weekend Andy, the girls, and I went apple picking with Andy’s parents.  It’s become an annual outing for all of us to pick apples at the beginning of October.

We went to Hillside Apples and I have to say, most of the trees were loaded with apples.  The branches were hanging down to the ground with the heaviness of the apples.

We picked 3 bags of apples and I snapped pictures along the way.

The weather was beautiful and the girls helped picking apples for a while before returning to the van to eat apples instead.

Part way through out apple party we stopped to pick out some pumpkins.  We all made our way through the vine infested field and after a lot of searching we found the perfect pumpkins.  Don’t worry, I’ll get photos of our pumpkins up soon enough.  We are planning on carving pumpkins this year as we have never done that as a family.

I have been out and about taking a lot of autumn pictures lately.  I’m hoping to get some more posts done in this coming week and share some of them.  I feel like I’m finally getting my footing from school starting.  Our weeks are still crazy, of course, but I’m keeping up a little bit.


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