November 2, 2011

Day 2 – it is almost 10:00pm and I just crawled into bed. As I lay here I remember that I haven’t posted yet today. Darn it! Fortunately, I can post from my phone and don’t have to get out of bed. This does mean though that this post will be short since typing on a phone is nothing like using an actual keyboard.

Almost everyone has an area in which they like things done a certain way, organized just so, or are particular about in one way or another. Right? Please tell me that it isn’t just me.

I like to call these particular ways ‘quirks’. I have several quirks, in fact.

Examples: When vacuuming I like the lines in the carpet to go the same way as to make it look pretty. I’m learning to bite my tongue on this one as the girls are starting to do the vacuuming for me from time to time. It is very hard though and usually requires me to leave the room.
I will rewrite things over and over until there are no mistakes and I’m satisfied with my penmanship. Whiteout is not an option and crossing things off is just wrong. Just the other day I was copying a recipe for one of Andy’s coworkers and I ended up trying 4 times before I was okay with it.
There are about a million others, but the one I’m getting to has to do with toilet paper. I am a believer that the roll goes on so that the end of the roll goes over the top. When I go to people’s homes and they have their toilet paper ‘wrong’, I really have to fight the urge to fix it.

Recently, Kalli has finally started replacing the empty rolls instead of leaving it for Andy or myself. Problem is that every time she replaces one she puts the roll on backwards. I don’t want to discourage her from taking the initiative to change it, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to say something. Every time I enter the bathroom I cringe. Okay, maybe cringe is too strong of a word. I do notice though and have to mentally tell myself that it’ll be alright.

I have brought it up to Andy (who laughs at me, mind you) and he said he can talk to Kalli about it. Do I really want her to know just how crazy her mom really is though?

The question then becomes do I step in and let Kalli know there is a right and wrong way for a toilet paper roll or do I bite my tongue and schedule an appointment with my therapist to work through my toilet paper issues.

Oh, the hardships of my life.

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