November 3, 2011

Day 3 – This morning as the girls were getting ready for school, I heard a car door outside.  I peeked out the window and saw Andy walking toward the house.  I’d like to mention that his hours are 7-3 and that this was at about 8:15.

Of course, my heart started racing.  Why is he home?  Is everything okay?  I’m an excellent worrier and can go from no worry to the world is coming to an end in under 10 seconds.

I met him at the door asking what was going on.  Ends up that he wasn’t feeling well and after talking to people at work he decided to just come home and rest.  Seems that a bug is going around with all of Andy’s symptoms.  Actually it is only one symptom.  Severe exhaustion.  Those that Andy talked to at work said that they had dealt with this same thing and that it lasted only one day.

Andy spent a good part of the day sleeping, but seems to be doing better now.  Hopefully he wakes up tomorrow feeling better.  I mean he will probably be tired…who isn’t in the morning?

It was nice having him around today, but I could live without the scare of him showing up at home out of the blue.  You can’t even imagine the thoughts that go through a person’s head when a person that is suppose to be at work shows up at home.

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