November 4, 2011

Day 4 – Depending on how you look at things, either you or I, are lucky. I say this because Andy and I were laying in bed talking when he reminded me that I hadn’t posted yet today. So, a mere 4 days in and I could have failed. Good thing for my Andy.

Tonight Cassie is spending the night at my parent’s house. My mom came to get Cassie and within 10 minutes my phone was ringing. It was Cassie. She wanted me to come over because…are you ready for this? She wanted me to pull her loose tooth.

I have pulled every single one of Cassie’s teeth with the exception of the first one. That first tooth Cassie bumped out on her own as she was trying to hold it still while eating.

My girlie has always had texture issues. When she was little she wanted nothing to do with stuffed animals because of how they felt. When you would give her one, she would practically throw it across the room trying to get it away from her. It was quite entertaining the first couple times to see her freak out the little bit just because of a stuffed animal.

Then there was a pair of wind pants that Andy would wear. She hated those things. There were several other textures and some of them she has outgrown.

She still doesn’t like the texture of any kind of melon or anything grainy. She won’t have anything to do with gum but is starting to handle other sticky things. And while she is getting better at it, she still hates the feeling of her teeth wiggling.

When her first few teeth would become very loose she would hold so still that you wondered if she was still breathing. She would cry and ask for me to just pull them out without wiggling them. The weird feeling that is left after a tooth is out was another problem, but at least the wiggling had stopped.

I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of a child getting so upset about loose teeth or asking to have teeth pulled, but this is how my Cassie is.

So tonight I made my way over to my parent’s house and pulled another tooth from my daughter’s mouth. My brother was there at the time and he looked a bit disturbed by the event. He said that there was no way he would have let anyone pull his loose teeth when he was younger and I have to agree. The idea of someone pulling out a tooth just sounds frightening. Something horror movies are made of. Cassie is one strong cookie though.

This is something I will remind her of when she is older and questions if she is strong enough to handle things. You can let someone pull a tooth, my girl….you can take on anything the world throws your way.

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