November 5, 2011

Day 5 – We know how to have a good time.  Today we spent most of the day getting things accomplished outside.  We still don’t have everything done, but we made a dent in things.

Andy blew the leaves to the road, cut the grass, and put up Christmas lights (we won’t turn them on until December, but it is better to get them up before it gets too cold).  I planted flower bulbs, cleaned part of the garage out, made homemade soup, bread, and did some laundry.  Why yes, we do know how to have a good weekend.

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, we will try to get the garage finished up and be finished with the outdoor work.  Then it’ll be onto inside things.  Our bedroom could use some work.  I have clothes that the girls have outgrown or that need to be donated.  I just haven’t gotten around to packing it up.  But, hey, it is out of their room.  My room is sort of the drop zone.  Which is part of the reason that it needs to be cleaned.  Hopefully my motivation stays with  me overnight.  Otherwise all my planning for tomorrow will be right down the drain.

In other news, we gain an hour tonight which gives me an extra hour of sleep.  Yippee for Day Light Savings!  I always love gaining the hour in the fall.  I could do without the losing an hour in the spring though.  I’m picky like that.

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