November 6, 2011

Day 6 – I thought about posting earlier today, but got busy with several other things. Included in these things was the Packer game. Go Pack! It was an anxiety producing game, but we are now 8-0.

Part of my Christmas gift from my parents is a pantry for in the kitchen. We don’t have a lot of cupboard space so I’ve been wanting another pantry to go with the one that I already have. On Saturday my mom and I went and picked it up. Today I spent a good part of the day filling and organizing both of the pantries. And then rearranging most of the kitchen as well.

This gave me a chance to see what was hiding in back of the cupboards and to do some wiping down of shelves and such. I like to buy things when they are on sale to create a little bit of a stock pile of the things we use frequently. In this case I’m talking about cans of chili beans that I use when I make chili. I found that I have quite a stock pile of chili beans. 12 cans worth. That will make a lot of chili. Note to self: do not need beans for a while.

I also found that I have quite a bit of extra brown sugar. Not sure what I can make that will use up that much brown sugar. If you have ideas, leave a comment. I can use ideas and new recipes.

My kitchen still isn’t finished in my eyes, but it was good enough that I could stop for the night. I’ll just continue tomorrow after bringing the girls to school. And hopefully get out to work on that garage that I avoided today. The weather is getting cooler so I don’t have a lot of nice days left to get outside things done. I’m a fair weather type girl and am against freezing my fingers to get things accomplished.

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