November 7, 2011

Day 7 – For a couple months now I’ve been trying not to talk about something. I keep hoping that it will go away and won’t be an issue anymore. However, it is wishful thinking on my part and the problem isn’t going away.

It seems that BPAP (Body Parts Against Paula) is in full session again. For anyone new, BPAP is what I call it when I feel like my body is against me and ganging up on me causing me lots of pain and agony. I’ve thought about suing BPAP for pain and suffering but I’m pretty sure a judge would laugh me out of court and have me checked into a mental institution.

For quite a long while now I’ve been having trouble with my neck. It is like I slept wrong, but it won’t go away. In fact this has been going on for several months. It calmed down for a bit, but was still there giving me a twinge of a reminder every now and again. For the past two weeks now it has come back with vengeance. My head feels like it has gained weight and my neck doesn’t want to support it without complaining. Turning to look to the side is frowned upon and even sleeping is more challenging.

Besides my neck acting up, I’m also dealing with a stomach that seems to be revolting against… everything. No matter if it is empty, full, or I eat several small meals it isn’t happy. My stomach doesn’t seem to care what kind of food I give it. It likes nothing. Nausea sometimes accompanies the pain and a couple times a week the pain wakes me in middle of the night telling me to try eating something to attempt to settle the beast. I’m not sure what to make of it but I have had stomach issues off and on since middle school. I haven’t had any trouble in over 10 years though so this sudden lashing out of my stomach is leaving me confused.

Lastly, but not to be forgotten, is my joints. As the weather is changing to cooler accompanied with some rainy days, I’ve been met with my arthritis making itself known. I’ve tried telling the doctors that I’m too young for arthritis but have been told that scans have shown arthritis and bone spurs. Also that my super flexibility has contributed to wearing down of my joints. So much for being cool because I could fold myself in half and do things others couldn’t. It all backfired on me. I have some days that I don’t ache much but then other days that I just want to curl into a ball under some warm blankets and sleep til spring.

Things could be worse. This I know. Others have much worse complaints and pains. However, BPAP is in session again and I knew that you would definitely want to know.

Please feel free to start a petition or write letters to BPAP to help disban them and stop further operations.

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