November 8, 2011

Day 8 – Woo-hoo! I’ve made it over a week now. I may just be able to do this NaBloPoMo thing after all.

Tonight was our normal crazy Tuesday night. The girls get off bus and we hit the ground running Almost right away we are getting ready for lessons at the Y. Cassie has swimming 4:40-5:20 and Kalli has gymnastics 5:05-5:50. I bring Cassie to the pool and get her situated before heading up by Andy and Kalli to wait for Kalli’s gymnastics to start. After Kalli’s class starts I’m able to talk to Andy for a little bit before going down to try fishing Cassie out of the water. She never wants to get out.

Mind you, I’m so glad that she loves swimming as much as she does. It is something that will help with core strength and that she can do easily. That being said, I have threatened to go in the water after her. At this point she laughs and gets out right away. I’m just afraid that one day she will call my bluff and I’ll either have to get wet or I’ll have to buy a big fish net.

Once Cassie is out of the pool, we hurry to get her showered and dressed so that we can meet Andy and Kalli at the entrance when Kalli is done with her class. The first few times after I had signed the girls up for their classes I tried bringing them on my own. It was doable but I spent the entire time feeling like I was the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and was late for an important date. Since then Andy has been coming and I don’t feel as rushed.

After all lessons are done we head home to eat and do homework. Fortunately, there was no homework to do tonight so we were left to relax and do some all important cuddling.

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