November 12, 2011

Day 12 –

Cassie spent the day today with Andy’s parents and Kalli with my aunt.  Andy and I spent most of the day at my parent’s house visiting and helping with some yard stuff.  By yard stuff I mean putting things away for the winter, planting bulbs, and other miscellaneous things.

Zoe enjoys coming along for the short ride and loves spending the day romping around with my parents’ dogs, Mickey and Minnie.  Today they spent the entire time they were together chasing, ambushing, and playing with each other.  Just to watch it is exhausting.  The amount of energy that is exerted when the three of them are together is impressive and I’d love to bottle it to get myself going on those mornings when getting out of bed seems like a feat in itself.

I keep wanting to take pictures of them together, but it is hard to get a picture when they are in constant motion.  Besides the fact that, and stop me if you know this already, dogs play using their mouths.  Most pictures end up looking like they are trying to eat each other.  Or seriously maim one another.  Though I know that most people would understand what they were seeing, I worry that others would wonder why I was even taking pictures of dogs maiming each other.

Look, now I will be getting visitors from people searching the internet for “dogs maiming and eating each other”.  Welcome to my site people.  I’m sure this isn’t exactly what you were looking for.  Though really… why were you searching for “dogs maiming and eating each other” anyway?  That is just wrong.  The top searches that lead people to my site right now are “will Cassie’s mom let me spend the night?” (who puts that into a search engine and why?  It isn’t a magic 8 ball) and “why being over flexible is bad” (sure I posted about that but I didn’t know it would actually bring people to my site).  I have to wonder if any of these people come to my site and actually come back or visit again.  If yes, hello!

Maybe I should put random words in my posts to get more people to come visit my site.  Awesome mom, Star Wars, Umbrella, tight rolled jeans, poop (that one will make my girlies giggle), Papa Smurf.

There.  That should create some confusion in people searching for things.  And in one post we’ve gone from puppies playing to complete and utter weirdness.

Turkeys. vinegar.

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