November 13, 2011

Day 13 –

Look at me sticking with NaBloPoMo. Thirteen days in and still going strong. Woo Hoo!!

Breaking News: My brain has gone on an extended vacation leaving me running around in circles yelling, “what do I do, what do I do” until I pass out from lack of oxygen and the spinning of the room.

I’m not sure if BPAP (Body Parts Against Paula) has anything to do with my brain’s sudden departure. Perhaps things got tense in negotiations about which body part was going to revolt next or maybe the left and right side of my brain have been having some relationship troubles and are just on a couples’ retreat to try to rekindle that lost connection. I’m not sure what the reasoning, but I do know that it has left me in quite the predicament.

Since my brain’s abrupt departure, I find myself struggling to remember the littlest things. Today Cassie had a Girl Scout meeting at 5:30 addressing bullying and how to handle bullying. I was looking forward to this meeting as having the tools of how to handle being bullied is something I find to be important. At 9:00 tonight as I sit at my desk making a ‘to do’ list for tomorrow I was suddenly smacked in the forehead with the fact that we had missed the meeting. I had talked to several people this morning about it, but by the time 5:30 rolled around the memo had obviously been misplaced.

Then, about 5 minutes later, I was again assaulted with another misplaced memo of how I was suppose to try to make it to my aunt’s house today. (sorry Auntie Mary!) Two failed-to-appear events in one day? What on Earth is going on with me?

Now, in my defense (as pitiful as it is) I was at my parent’s house until somewhere around 4 and then we came home, sat for a short bit, and then I rearranged and cleaned the girls’ room. That in itself took until almost 7:00. (Side note: The amount of stuff I found under their beds was beyond ridiculous and if anyone needs a ‘safe house’ for a bit, I could just about fully bury you in the amount of stuffed animals my girlies own.)

As I finished up with the bedroom, Cassie took her shower and then I went to comb her hair out. (I love combing and brushing the girls’ hair) I tried to eat something but it seems that my stomach is having abandonment issues after my brain fled it’s home and friends. I’m just not hungry. I know I should eat but the stomach is having none of it.

In short, I’m falling apart at the seams and am getting Alzheimer’s at the same time. By the time my brain returns I will have forgotten its name, where it lives, and … Wait, what was I just saying? Who are you?

And just to clarify and point out the significance of my absent brain — I do own a daily planner and look at it pretty much daily. I just can’t seem to remember what it is that was put in that pretty little book for more then a couple hours.

Perhaps it is my ADHD making matters worse. I have an appointment today at….oh look. Something shiny!

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