November 14, 2011

Day 14 –

Tonight Cassie had Girl Scouts and she actually went.  That would be progress, people.

Yesterday evening I spent hours cleaning and rearranging the girls’ room.  It started out as needing to make Kalli’s bed.  Then I noticed how dusty it was between her bed and the wall.  It just progressed from there to rearranging, putting the bunk beds back together, dusting and vacuuming everything along the way, and weeding out outgrown clothes.  Their room now looks awesome.  My room suffered some though as things that need to be taken care of still were moved into my room. (my room also serves as the dump zone for, what feels like, all things that need to be assigned new homes or put away upstairs and haven’t gotten there quite yet)

My room won’t take long to clean, but it’s finding time to get around to it that makes things more challenging.

Tonight I was still in “Let’s Do This!” mode so I made the best of it and headed down to the basement.  Aka the girls’ play room.  Aka this HAS to be the site of a natural disaster of some sort.

My girls are wonderful children. (most of the time)  I love them dearly.  They, however, suck at cleaning up.  They will do good for a little bit and then things start to slide and before you know it you are wondering when the tornado came through and also, why did it only hit the basement?

From time to time, I’ll make my way down there to straighten and purge everything.  I go through each and every basket, dump it out, and reorganize it while tossing things into a box for our summer rummage sale along the way.  I’d like to note that most of the time they don’t even realize that anything is missing.  The box of items is in the garage in the case that they do miss something too much and then I will retrieve it for them.

Tonight I made my way down there and I finished going through almost everything organizing along the way.  I still have some more straightening to do before I dust and vacuum.  I also have my craft area to organize yet, but at least it is looking better.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get some more done tomorrow.  Especially since, you know, I have to walk through that room to get to my laundry room and having to step over things is way over-rated.  Plus I’ve been stepping over things for a couple weeks now while I procrastinated going down there to purge things.

I’m hoping that my want to get some major cleaning done sticks around for a while so I can get some neglected areas taken care of finally.  Someday I might just have a home that is completely clean and organized though I’m not holding my breath.  I do have children after all.


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