November 15, 2011

Day 15 – Its hard to believe that I’m half way through the month of November and the NaBloPoMo challenge. Finding something to write about isn’t always easy but I’m persevering.

Have you ever felt like you thought you were quite educated in an area only to find out that, really, you aren’t?

Today Cassie and I met with a doctor that, from with what we experienced today, will be our best friend and resource when it comes to the medical aspects of Cassie’s life.

This woman can help us with orthopedic, GI, and getting us info and contacts for so many things. She is like a fountain of knowledge. I learned things today about Spina Bifida that I didn’t know after 10 years of having a child with Spina Bifida. For example, I didn’t know that people with Spina Bifida are notorious for having trouble with math. (Cassie struggles a lot with math) and that her having a VP shunt only adds to troubles in the areas that Cassie struggles. There are other revelations that were made today and because of them I feel like I understand Cassie even more. I felt like we were handed a magic key today that explains so much and that will lead us in the direction of the best ways to help Cassie in those troublesome areas. At the end of our appointment Cassie was given a few “assignments” to do before we go back for another visit in two months. Though I know Cassie isn’t thrilled with the assignments they are things that need to be done and that will help Cassie in the long run.

Now all I need is to find someone that will be able to give me direction on curbing the bit of attitude and preteen angst that Cassie is developing. I love the girl, but she is going to be a challenge through those teenage years. I’m just hoping we both live through them.

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