November 19, 2011

Day 19 –

Remember when it was summer and warm and wonderful?  Remember when we were in Florida where it was vacation and fun and magical?

Upon returning home from Florida and unpacking all our bags, I found that I didn’t have my 2 new packs of contacts. (one box for each eye)  After looking though things a couple more times searching all the pockets, I gave up and realized that I had left a total of 5 pair contacts in my hotel room in Florida.  I was just a little bummed, but what was I to do??

Today I was taking the laptop out of its bag at my parent’s and asked Andy if he had packed the mouse for with it.  As I asked, I slid my hand through an area where we usually would keep the mouse.  My hand came out with two boxes that were rubber banded together.  Two boxes of contacts.  Yeah, I’ll let that soak in for a moment.

My contacts were back.  I can’t even describe the disbelief that I felt.  After 5 months my contacts were magically back.  They were never really lost in Florida but were just misplaced in a bag that we would never think to ‘unpack’.

Now I have to wonder if my eyes will even remember what to do with contacts.


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