November 20, 2011

Day 20 –


Why yes, that statement did require all caps.

I have a mere 10 days left until I have completed the month long challenge of posting every day, NaBloPoMo.  I really think there should be rewards for completing this challenge.  Other then the satisfaction of completing it.

I’m thinking…..

  1. hey, you posted everyday – you get to lose 10lbs overnight.  -or-
  2. You will be visited by fairies overnight that will clean that ‘toy room’ of the children so that you don’t have to listen to whining or do it yourself.  -or-
  3. You shall receive 3 wishes.  Of course, I’d only be left with one wish because I’d use the other two to lose weight magically and get that ‘toy room’ cleaned whine free.

I may use that last wish to help finish up with Christmas shopping.  Please note that there is just over a month left.  Oy!  I wish for money enough to finish my shopping.  OR for all the gifts to magically be purchased, wrapped, and waiting for Christmas.

*sigh*  To dream……

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