November 21, 2011

Editor’s Note: I published this last night, but for some reason it went to private viewing only.  I have changed that setting and now all should be good.  I’m sorry to my early day viewers for this inconvenience.  🙂

Day 21 –

Tomorrow the girls have their last day of school for the week.  A two day week seems hardly worth it, I know, but I have to admit that I’m very much looking forward to not having to have everyone up and heading out the door by a certain time.  I’ll never be a morning person and getting two others ready (one of which is also not a morning person) and moving out the door by 8:30 isn’t an easy task.  It leaves me quite exhausted.

The girls are also looking forward to having a 5-day weekend.  I think that they are sensing my lack of enthusiasm lately and are struggling because of it.  It’ll be nice to have extra days off and time to spend cuddling.  I’m seeing a few movies in our future.

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