November 27, 2011

Day 27 –

Yesterday my mom put up her Christmas tree and the girls helped.  Kalli was so excited at first.  She was pumped.

They got started.  My mom would hand Kalli an ornament to pass to Cassie and one for Kalli to hang up.  Things were going well until Kalli dropped one of the metal ornament hangers.  She got down on the floor and with help from Andy she found it.  A few minutes later she dropped another hanger and a few minutes later another.  By the time she dropped the fourth (and couldn’t find the 3rd or 4th) she was exasperated.  She was laying under the tree looking for the hangers when she said, “This just isn’t my day.” and a little bit later (still under the tree) “I need some fresh air.”  We were trying to muffle our giggles without much success.

They were almost finished with the tree when my mom handed an ornament to Kalli for Cassie.  Kalli started to hang it up and my mom told her that it was for Cassie.  Kalli looked at my mom and said in a flat tone, “does it really matter?”  She then handed over the ornament and laid on the floor on her back and looked exhausted.  Us adults almost fell over.  She was so serious and had gone from pumped to deflated while decorating one tree.

In case you don’t know, Kalli is just a little on the dramatic side.  But she sells it people….she sells it!


I use a planner.  It helps me stay more organized…sorta.  It works best when I look at it on a daily basis.  When I don’t – well, let’s just say that I’m horrible at remembering things lately.  I keep waiting to see brains oozing out of my ear because it sure feels like my brain has become mush.

Today I went to write our weekly schedule on our dry erase board on the fridge (it helps everyone know what is going on) but I couldn’t find my planner.  Andy has helped me look in all the areas that I use it/look at it and also in areas that I don’t.  We have yet to find it.  MY PLANNER IS LOST!  Call the police, the search and rescue teams, the FBI!  What am I going to do without my planner?  I feel like running around in a small circles while crying “oh planner, why have you abandoned me??”

We have a wall calendar in the kitchen.  However, I am horrible and syncing the two.  Therefore…. not everything is on the wall calendar.  It is missing appointments that have been made recently.  It is missing reminders.  It is missing a lot of things that are very important.  My planner is like…. MY LIFE!  I’m pretty sure Cassie has an appointment this week, but I can’t remember when and it isn’t on the main calendar.  People – MY LIFE IS MISSING!

I may be over-exaggerating a bit, but not by that much.  So maybe I wouldn’t be having so much trouble if I synced my calendars more often and sure I could keep better track of my planner.  Right now, though, that is besides the point.  Call the National Guard!!  We have a serious issue here people.

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