November 30, 2011

Day 30 –

Let me type that again because those words sound absolutely heavenly to me right now. Day 30.

I’m absolutely giddy with happiness. The question now becomes, why. Why put myself through the experience of NaBloPoMo and the 30 days of posts if it is something that I don’t have to do?

While I spend most of the month of November wondering that exact same thing (I’m obviously crazy), I really do it for the challenge. Each year, as November gets closer, I debate the idea of participating in NaBloPoMo. I think back to the previous year and remember how hard it was. I think about the writers’ block and how busy the days can get. I consider the fact that it isn’t something that I have to do and then I participate anyway. According to Albert Einstein, I’m insane. He said insanity is when you do something over and over and expect different results. (He also whispers it into my ear when no one is looking)

Each year I participate and think ‘maybe this year will be easier’. It never is though. Material never gets easier to find and time isn’t easier to come by. In fact, as the girls get older it is harder to find time. They are getting more involved with school and other activities. For any non-parents out there… Active children seem to have negative effects on a parent’s free time. (that’s one thing that is not written anywhere in the ‘Parent Handbook’. Trust me…I’ve looked)

There is something about being able to say that I’ve completed NaBloPoMo. Being able to say that I’ve done NaBloPoMo for 5 years now. (I actually went back to my old site and looked. I started participating in NaBloPoMo in 2007. Crazy!) I like being able to say that I have done something that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. I guess you could also say that I like being insane too.


Wanna take a look back? I know I got lost looking back at my old site. I wrote there from August 2006 – May 2010. It starts when Cassie was 5 and Kalli was a tiny 2 year old. Oh my, they were such little peanuts. Check it out

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