It is that wonderful time of year again.  The holidays.  For the most part I’m being sincere there.  However, this is also the time of year that stresses build and everyone gets sick.  You know what I’m talking about.  Every year, without fail, colds come calling right before or during Christmas.  It makes me want to gather the family ahead of time and go into quarantine until the new year.

This time, I was the first to get something more then a head cold.  Kalli beat me to the head cold and then went on to share it with her sister and myself.  Such a wonderful child.

This past weekend I came down with a stomach flu that had my stomach churning and cramping, horrible nausea, and body aches that literally made me cry.  I spent the good part of 48 hours trying to sleep.  On Saturday night I failed horribly.  I would doze off from time to time but otherwise only slept from 2:50-5:30.  The rest of the time I spent attempting to find a comfortable position and whimpering softly.  Every part of me hurt.  The sides of my legs, my forearms, and my wrists.  Not sure if I mentioned this…but the pain was intense.

I won’t soon forget how awful that bug was.  Andy and Kalli were home today with stomach pain, but recovered by noon-ish.


Tonight the girls decorated their gingerbread house that St Nick had given them.  I iced and they did the designing.

See those cute icecles?  Yeah…that is all me.  I know, I have mad skills.

Best part of the night came while the girls were decorating and I was finishing up dishes.  They were talking…

Kalli: How does my side look?
Cassie: Looks good
Kalli: Do  you want me to help you?
Cassie: Sure.

She then showed Kalli what she was doing nicely…without arguing or having any kind of attitude.  After a moment or so I mentioned how much I liked the team work and how kind they were being to each other.  Later in the evening they worked together as they used my new wrapping paper rolls to sword fight.  Yeah, not exactly what I was going for.  But hey, they weren’t arguing or beating each other with the rolls so I’m calling it a win.

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