Downfall of Advent Calendars

I’ve found that Advent Calendars are a constant reminder that I’m running out of time.  Did you know that Christmas is this coming Sunday?  That is only 6 days from today.  6 measly days.  Where did the rest of December go?  Because, honestly, I have no idea.  One day I was “oh look….it is December.” and now I’m going “What on Earth?? 6 days?? But I still have so much to do and get and this overwhelming feeling of ‘the holiday is upon us’ is pressing down on me and, oh my gosh…. I can’t breathe.

Picture chicken without head running around bumping into random things.  That would be me lately.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful mommy and I spent the day with her baking and making candies.  Well, really I did the cookies and she did the candies.  It was bonding time while trying to motivate each other to get things accomplished.  It went well… I got 3 batches of those peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s kiss in them and baked up 2 batches of cut out cookies for my mom.  My cut outs were made over the weekend, but are still naked.  Hopefully the girls and I have time tomorrow night to decorate them.

I still have some shopping to do that, due to pay periods, has to be done on the 23rd.  Yup, I’ll be one of those crazies out there the day before Christmas Eve trying to get everything done.  Luckily, I’m going into it with a specific list.

I also have wrapping to do.  The girls keeping asking when there will be presents under the tree.  I’ve already told them that the gift for the family this year will be a overnight at a local hotel.  We will swim and spend the night. The girls have always wanted to stay at hotels so for them, this is a big thing.  There are some gifts that have to be wrapped though and I just have to find time to do that.

We will be celebrating Christmas at my parents’ house so at least I don’t have to prepare the house and food to go with that. Still so much to do though…and my time is running out quite rapidly.

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