Merry Christmas! Part 1

I’ve survived!

This Christmas seemed more stressful then those of the past and making it through it does seem like I’ve survived something huge.  Part of the stress, I know, I bring on myself by trying to make things perfect.  To add to things this year, I wasn’t able to get all of my shopping done ahead of time.  Darn pay periods not falling how we needed them to.  Andy and I were actually out finishing up our shopping on the 23rd.  I also stayed up late that night to finish wrapping all the gifts.

This past week I also spent 2 days at my mom’s house bonding with her while baking.  Nothing says ‘I love you mom’ like making batch after batch of cookies while she mixed up all sorts of candies.

Once cookies and candies were complete and all gifts were purchased and wrapped, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  The dread of the season melted away and I spent the rest of the holiday enjoying things and eating too many not-so-healthy things.

Christmas Eve started out the same way that it has for the past 10 years.  We woke early and Cassie crawled in bed by me.  I cuddled her close to me and sang Happy Birthday to her in a whisper.  I told her how much I love her and how important she is to me.  She has really come to love this part of her birthday.

Once cuddling is done, we get dressed and head out to meet family and friends for Cassie’s annual birthday breakfast.  During this time she gets to open a single gift from my mom.  It is always a snow globe but Cassie still loves finding out what kind of globe it is this time.

This year we had a total of 14 people (including Andy, Cassie, Kalli, and myself) join us for her day.  This is her time and she knows that after this breakfast it is still her birthday, but that we will move on to Christmas things.

This is the rough part of having a birthday at Christmas time.  The two seem to blend together.  This is why we have created an annual breakfast for her and then wait to celebrate her birthday in January when the holidays are over and she can have a day for just her.  Let me not go into the fact that she wasn’t due until January 24th but decided to come early.  I went to the hospital the night of the 23rd repeating over and over, “I don’t want a Christmas baby!”  However, Cassie and God had different plans.  At 1:56am on December 24th my peanut came into this world at 5lbs 10oz and 16 inches long.  Of course, it was love at first sight.

Eleven years later she is still my peanut and I’m even more in love with her.  Though she has her challenging moments, she is growing into such a wonderful young lady that I’m quite proud of.  There are moments that she seems so grown up yet at other times she is still my little girlie.  She still loves to cuddle up with me and to this day continues to call me “momma”.


**Tomorrow (hopefully) I’ll tell you more about our Christmas.

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