Merry Christmas!! Part 2

After Cassie’s birthday breakfast the four of us headed to my parents’ to hang out.  By ‘hang out’ I mean snack all day on completely unhealthy things.  I’m over exaggerating some, but not really.  I really felt like we spent the entire day grazing on cookies, candies, crackers, cheeses, meatballs, and other appetizers.

Once it was fairly dark Andy and I took the girls out to look at Christmas lights.  We have our routine route that we take, only this year once we were to our second destination we didn’t just drive by like usual.  Instead we pulled onto the side street and got out to walk around and actually take in what all displayed.  This house is known for overdoing their decorations.  It’s one of those houses that when you drive by you do a double take because of all the lights and gaudiness of it.

I’m not sure what it was that made us pull over this year, but we did.  It was fun to see all the decorations they had out on their lawn.  Trying to see what you could find and point out to each other.  3 blind mice? or the Blues Brothers with their long lost brother?

Nativity Scene

Part of the yard…not even the whole thing.  I’d say it is about a third of it though.

Cassie and Kalli in front of the house

I wish I could have taken a picture of the number of people that were stopping and getting out of their vehicles.  It was crazy!  After touring lights we headed back to my parent’s house where we had dinner with my parents, brother, and sister-in-law.  I have to admit though that it was hard to eat after grazing all day.

**Tomorrow (hopefully) the story of our Christmas will continue. 🙂

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