Merry Christmas!! Part 3

First off…..Look up!  New banner!!!!!

To catch up on our Christmas read Part 1 and Part 2.

Tradition, in my family, is to open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve and then there are Santa gifts on Christmas day.  When the girls came into our lives, we decided to stick with the traditions that I was raised on.

I did decide to change up one thing from past years.  I felt as though Cassie and Kalli had become way too spoiled.  And that is being nice.  It got to the point that I don’t think that they appreciated things like they should.  They needed a little wake up call.  To do this I let it be known that there would be no toys this year for Christmas.  People had to think outside the box but I helped with ideas for books and CDs that the girls would like.  In the end, I did okay a few toys and then Santa brought a couple toys for the girls, but I have no control over him.

And this year I saw a different set of girlies.  This year they opened things one at a time and appreciated it.  They didn’t hurry through opening all their gifts, but instead took their time, passed out gifts to others, and watched everyone open their gifts.  This year I was very proud of their behavior.  They were happy with everything they got (though not overly thrilled with the clothes) and you could tell as they opened each present that they were that little bit older.  They had matured and grown noticeably in just a year’s time.

Christmas morning the girls were up at 6:00 but were given direct orders that they were able to be out of bed at 6, but had to stay in their room and play until 7:00, at which time they could come and wake momma.  Momma needs her rest, you know.

We headed down and sure enough, there were gifts.  I guess they really were good this year.  Between them they received 3 books, 3 dolls, and a Kinect game.

Pre-holiday stress aside, Christmas was wonderful this year.

Kalli showing off her gifts from Auntie Kelli and Uncle Tony. New shoes, cool fashion glasses, and a ton of hair accessories!


This ends my “Merry Christmas!!” series.  Back to my normal “I have no idea what to write about”  postings.

Lastly, I need to throw out a birthday wish tonight.  It is my sister-in-law, Kelli’s, birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLI!!

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