This story is actually something that happened about a month ago now but I didn’t get a chance to share because of the holidays and such.  It is too cute not to share though.

My buddy, Brady, was over and we were looking at books together.  Brady’s favorite kind of book is the ‘look and find’ kind and he is extremely good at them.  To the point that all he needs is a picture of what it is he is looking for and he can find it.  Doesn’t matter how intricate the pages are as long as he has a picture so he knows what he is looking for.  For some reason, as a 2 year old, he can’t read yet.

We were looking at a Scooby-Doo look and find book for the umpteenth time.  Going over pages that we’ve already been over several times.  On one particular page Scooby-Doo and his friends are looking for things around an exploding volcano.  We’ve already found everything on this page spread several times.  This time Brady points to the lava that is spurting out and running down the sides of the volcano.  I say, “that is the lava coming out of the volcano.”  He then points to one of the pictures that we are suppose to find and then points to the lava.  I say, “no…it isn’t in the lava.”  This sets him to giggling.

Next thing I know he is pointing to a picture and the lava while yelling “lava”.  Which came out without the ‘L’ sound so it was “ava” (short ‘a’ sound).

Then I would shake my head saying  “No… it isn’t in the lava!”  He would laugh hysterically before pointing to where it really was.

This game went on and on.  I loved hearing his laugh so I went with it for quite a while before saying that it was the last time and then I tried to hide the book.

Of course, he remembered the game the next time he was here and it was “ava!” all over again.  But how can you resist this face?

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