The biggest story right now is that my brother moved.  I wanted to write about this when it happened, but I didn’t know how to write about it without getting teary.  My brother and I were very close growing up.  As we grew, we’ve grown apart a little bit, but we are still there for each other and the girlies adore him.

Almost every weekend we would all end up at my parents to visit.  And though Tony and I didn’t really hang out outside of that…it is because neither of us has money to do anything.  🙂  Tony was looking for jobs outside of our state and then it happened.  He called me later in the evening as I was laying down for bed and told me that he had gotten a job in Missouri and would be moving there is about two weeks.  He gave me some of the details and I told him how thrilled I was for him.  This is something that he really wants and is an awesome opportunity for him.  We talked for a while and I held myself together until I hung up.  Then I buried my face in Andy’s chest and cried some.  My little brother was moving out of state.  It wasn’t like he was moving to Milwaukee (where he had lived at one time) but this time he was moving all the way to a different state.

A few days later we got together so that he could tell the girls.  They were less then happy about it but we talked about video chatting and that seemed to help out some.

Tony has been gone for a few weeks now and just knowing that he isn’t here makes me sad.  My sister-in-law, Kelli, is still here while she finishes up this semester of school but then she too will be gone.  It’s rough.

The positive side… I’m planning on going out to see him for 4th of July with the girls and Andy.  You see, back when we were little Tony and I promised each other that we would always be together for the 4th of July because it is my favorite holiday.  He wants to show the girls the St Louis Arch and celebrate with us at his new home.  Here is to hoping.


I’m on a recipe finding spree lately.  I spend most of the time that I’m on the computer searching for new recipes to serve my family.  Hence the reason I am not blogging.

I’m also working on creating a site for a friend so some of my time is going towards creating a banner and putting things together.


Cassie had her first orchestra concert and had a solo.  She never told me about it before the concert so I was pleasantly surprised.  Also, there was only one other violinist that did a solo!!

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