Flinging String

Tonight Cassie played her violin at “String Fling” at a local high school.  This is an event where all the 5th grade orchestra students in the city’s east side schools get together and play as one orchestra for parents.  This is followed by performances by a middle school orchestra and then the high school orchestra.

The idea behind String Fling is that the 5th graders get to perform and then watch to see where orchestra will take them in the future years.  As Cassie and I sat next to each other watching we would whisper to each other about things we noticed.  How they held the violin differently…more correctly.  How much longer the songs were.  How much faster fingers moved to change notes.  And several other things.  I think that Cassie enjoyed herself and learned a lot.  And she still wants to go on playing violin.  It was a good night.

One of the best comments that Cassie made to me was when the high school orchestra were playing.  She leaned over to me and whispered, “They look like adults!”

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