Nighttime Routine

It’s that time of the night. The girls head up stairs, brush their teeth, wash faces, head to bed, and read for their 30 minutes. After 30 minutes Andy or I will go up and say good nights before shutting the light off and closing the door. Though, I’ll admit that sometimes we just call up to them telling them to shut the light off and go to bed on their own.

At least that is how it normally goes. From time to time we become horrible parents and sort of…er…forget about the girls reading upstairs. After a long while (quite a long while) Cassie will call down to us asking if they can go to bed. Usually by this time Kalli has given up and just gone to sleep on her own. Andy and I act completely normal these times and say that sure they can go to sleep now. And then we look at each other guiltily because we know that we actually forgot about them still being awake. In our defense, they are quiet once they are doing their reading.

Now I want to point out that we never once forgot about them when they were babies. Never once did we forget that they were in the next room when we thought about running out to the store. We never forgot about them being in the backseat of the car while running errands. Even in our fog of exhaustion we always remembered our babies. Of course, when they are tiny like that they somehow manage to keep reminding you that they are there. But still… we remembered.

Now this forgetting that they are still upstairs reading… It happens more often then we’d like to admit out loud. And I do feel guilty about it but it is amazing to me that they read for so long before even calling down. The girls love reading. Cassie would spend hours reading and giggling at funny parts of the book. She’ll bring books on car rides to pass time and really enjoys herself. Kalli also loves reading, though she can’t read in the car due to motion sickness. They both are over a year ahead of where they are “suppose” to be in school. They always have been. It makes me a proud Momma. A forgetful mom but still proud.

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