St Louis

Lately I can’t seem to sit down at the computer for very long without getting bored and having to go do something else.  This is good because I’m getting more accomplished then usual.  And trust me that is a good thing.  This whole thing leaves this site a little neglected.

I have a few stories to share and will do so in the next couple days.  Or try really hard to do so.  🙂

Back in February I headed down to see my brother, who recently moved to Missouri, for his birthday.  I spent two nights there, arriving late on a Friday night and leaving about noon on Sunday.  Saturday was a packed day as we made our way around the city.

I visited the St Louis Arch and was quite impressed with it’s size.  I even made it up to the top…anxiety and all.  I actually wasn’t very anxious at all…as I thought I would be.  And the view from the top was awesome.

I even managed to take an artsy photo.

Lately, I’m slacking in the whole photo taking thing.  I just haven’t had the drive to take pictures.  I’m working on getting my rear in gear though.

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