2012 Garden – the beginning

Well, I’ve started growing my plants indoors.  And I’m growing impatient for the warm weather to stick around so I can finally plant my garden.

Yesterday Cassie helped me replant some tomatoes, cucumbers, and marigolds to larger containers.  She enjoyed herself and I’m hoping that this may be something that she is interested in and that we can work on together.

I do have one pole bean plant (you may see it standing out in the picture above) that has been taking steriods or something.  It is now 12 inches tall, whereas all the other beans that were planted at the same time are just starting to grow.  Not sure what’s up with this bean, but it just makes me want to plant in my garden even more so…. before it is 8 feet tall.

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One Response to 2012 Garden – the beginning

  1. Trina Bronander says:

    I keep forgetting to get my pots… maybe we can do that this coming week-end (like Friday) if you pop by the Rummage Sale (Shhhhh I dont want to jinx us but the weather looks like it will be nice… I am totally waving my magic wand)

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