Little pains

About a week ago, our microwave decided to become semi-retired.

It started a while back. Every now and then we would attempt to start the well treated microwave and it would blow the circuit downstairs. Sure it wasn’t a huge deal to run downstairs and reset the circuit but it was kind of a pain.

Then two weeks ago it decided that it would become a bigger pain. Completely random beeps started coming from the appliance. I started scratching my head and wondering where this was heading. Though in all honesty, I knew where this was headed.

We started unplugging the microwave whenever we weren’t using it. Then last week most of the buttons stopped working. Most importantly, the start button would no longer work. While we don’t really use the microwave very often (mostly for reheating leftovers) a start button seems a necessity when you do use it. No amount of pleading or beating would make it work. It was time to get a new microwave. We went out and found a smaller, more compact, and inexpensive microwave to replace our now pretty much useless one.

Around the same time, Andy was cutting the grass when our lawn mower started sounding funny. As in it didn’t seem to be idling right. Pleading and kicks haven’t worked on the mower either. I’m beginning to give up on my quick fixes. I’ve researched our mower and problem online finding a couple different things to try, but none of the things we’ve tried have worked.

Now, because it doesn’t want to stay on, we are looking at possibly having to get a new mower. Either that or go for the whole prairie grass look.

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