The Day After Surgery

Yesterday my Cassie girl had surgery.  Without going into detail it was on her intestines and bladder.  It was a 6 hour surgery that turned into a 9 hour surgery.  There were no complications, but due to her innards…they had to manipulate things more and get things just right.  Needless to say it was a long and emotional day. 

I kept myself busy with texting family to let them know updates as I got them.  With gas prices being as they are and one of our vehicles being a gas hog, I’m on my own with keeping Cassie’s spirits up during this whole process. 

We are scheduled to be here for 5-8 days and already today…the day after her surgery…I’m finding this to be rough.  Cassie is quieter then normal and sorta withdrawn.  From what I can get out of her that she is hurting, the drugs are making her sleepy-ish, she is hungry but not allowed to eat yet, she is bored yet doesn’t want to do anything (playing games, reading, watching a movie), she misses her friends and school, she is thirsty but can only take small sips, and she wants visitors but being 2 hours away from friends and family make that pretty impossible.  My parents, Andy, and Kalli will be coming down this weekend, but that does nothing to make her feel better right now.

I’m feeling helpless because there is nothing that I can do to ‘fix’ things for her.  I helped give her a sponge bath this morning to help with some of the itching that one of the pain meds is causing.  I’ve tried suggesting things to do that would help pass time and keep her mind busy, but I’ve only been met with looks and shoulder shurgs.  All in all, my girlie is miserable and nothing but time is going to fix it.

The doctors have been in this morning and say that she is off to a wonderful start.  Everything looks good and just as it should.  The doctor also informed me that we still have a long road ahead of us, but at least we are starting off the right way.  The idea of a long road has me cringing some though.  I have to find a way to lift her spirits and keep her going so that these days don’t drag on horribly.  Side note: I looked at the clock this morning at 9:00 and wanted to cry because it was only 9:00.  Time passes slowly in the hospital.

I know that I’m being impatient and that she just had surgery yesterday…a 9 hour surgery.  I can’t expect her to bounce back to normal overnight.  I know that tomorrow she will feel a little better and the next day even a little more.  It’s just hard to watch her being so ‘off’.  I’m a fixer and this is something that takes time to fix.

Today our goal is to attempt to get her into an upright chair to see how that feels.  I’m secretly worrying about the pain involved.  They had to open her up quite a bit and she actually has an incision that is about 5-6 inches long starting at her belly button and going down.  I’m really hoping that a change in position and getting out of the bed will help her mood some.  I’ve already talked about playing a game or two once she is upright and maybe trying to get a smile out of her.  I need to see that smile. 

Sometimes being a parent is challenging.  We just keep plugging away though.

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