Forward Movement

Today is a much better day then yesterday was. Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me want to run away crying. It was a day that was miserable and there was nothing that I could do to fix it.

Cassie was hurting. Any time she moved she was in pain. We couldn’t let her stay on her back all day. We don’t want her to get bed sores or for her skin to break down so she has to go onto her side for a couple hours here and there. This is where I felt like a horrible mother. I knew she needed to move yet I didn’t want to hurt her. We’d get her turned and propped with pillows and then I’d lean over the bed to hold her the best that I could while whispering reassuring words to her and stroking her forehead. It was all I could do.

Today was a new day though. I woke up and Cassie hadn’t even taken a pain pill since the night before. She was talking more and smiling some. We watched a movie and mid-morning (after we did get a pain pill in her system) we moved her into a chair. We put her leg braces on her, moved her legs off the side of the bed and held her up. After the dizziness and nausea passed we helped her stand and turn to sit in a chair. She made it 30 minutes in the chair (whimpering the entire time, mind you) before we put her back in bed.

I really can’t blame the girl. She has 3 tubes coming out of her abdomin and a incision that is about 6-7 inches long starting below her belly button. I’d whimper and not want to sit up either.

During her time in the chair the nurse and I made the best of the time. The nurse changed her bed and got everything cleaned up. I brushed the rat nest that had taken residence in the hair behind her head.

By the time we got her back into bed and settled, I thought she would nap for sure. But she didn’t. She watched a little TV and rested until the hospital teacher came in to work on math with her. They worked for 30 minutes which gave me a chance to take a moment and go out into the little garden area that the hospital has. I really needed the sun, fresh air, and warmth.

Today is worlds apart from what yesterday was. And I’m thankful for it. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow only brings more improvement. We already know that Cassie will get to take in some closer-to-food nutrition tomorrow (up to now she has only been able to take sips of water) and that we’ll get her up in the chair again.

The doctor told me that we are off to a good start but have a long road ahead of us still. (he emphasized the word ‘long’) As long as we keep putting one foot in front of the other I figure we are going in the right direction.

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