It’s almost 10:00 and I just shut Cassie’s t.v. off and got her all set for bed.  Tonight her back is really hurting.  She has already taken both Ibuprofen and her heavier duty pain pill.  I’ve spent a majority of the night either massaging her low back or trying to help her find comfortable positions.  (Note: There is no comfortable position.)  She has been in bed for too long and there is nothing that can be done about it.  Tomorrow I hope to keep her out of bed more in hopes that her back stops it’s hollaring, but for tonight she sort of has to suck it up.

Today was a full day.  We started the morning with talking with the doctor before getting some breakfast.  We then went for a field trip down to the ‘Healing Garden’.  Cassie has come to love heading out there everyday.  It is like a little escape from what is going on with her while we are inside.  She doesn’t have to think about the surgery, healing, or when she may be able to go home.

Once back in the room Cassie had to finish up some homework before physical therapy came in to work with her.  As soon as therapy was done the hospital teacher came to work with her on the next piece of her math work.  Then the doctor was here to see us again and I was able to ask my list of questions.

Once we were free from visitors Cassie decided that she wanted to head down to the garden again.  How could I say no…especially when it is so nice out.

By the time we got back to her room and into bed it was time to order down to get supper. (She took so long eating breakfast that she wasn’t hungry for lunch.  That is what happens when you don’t eat for several days.)

Now if you would, take the backache that she has and add to it the full day that today was.  It isn’t hard to see why she would be sort of inconsolable.  She is hurting and probably overtired.  What she really needs is just to fall asleep.  Something that isn’t easy when you are hurting.

She needs the rest though because tomorrow she has therapy again and school.  No more resting for Miss Cassie.

Just so that everyone knows, Cassie is healing and making progress amazingly well.  She really is doing much better then I thought she would.  I was worried about what she would be like when I took her home.  Would I have a half drugged up child who would be in horrific pain?  It has been anything but that.  Cassie hardly is taking anything for pain…maybe one or two Ibuprofen a day…and she isn’t in too much pain.  There is pain, but that is expected when they have cut through all the muscles in your abdomen.

I’m very proud of my girlie.  I just hope tomorrow her back decides not to turn to the dark side again.  Be one with the force, it should.  Or at least be one with us, on our team.

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