That Figment of Your Imagination Was Very Vivid!

We are home.  Cassie and I, that is.  Actually, all of us are home now.  While Cassie and I were at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Kalli was living at my parents’ house since Andy is at work before Kalli even gets up in the morning before school.  Each day Andy would pick Kalli up from school and bring her to my parents’ house and visit for a little bit before heading home to let Zoe out and take care of her.

Tuesday when Cassie and I got home it was after 8:00 and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get word to the bus to pick Kalli up to bring her to school the next morning so I had her stay at my parents’ one last night.

Wednesday was Kalli’s 8th birthday.


I can’t believe that she is 8 already.  I decided to surprise Kalli at school and I had my mom come to our place to sit with Cassie for a little bit while I picked up a little special lunch and went to have lunch with my baby girl.  Kalli was so surprised to see me she jumped into her arms and didn’t let go even after she remembered that her friends were there.  We had only seen each other for 3 hours within the past week and it was her birthday and Momma was there with her.

She leaned against me as we sat at the table eating our lunch in the lunchroom with her friends.  I walked her back to her classroom afterward and gave her a big hug before leaving her side.  I promised to pick her up after school and I made my way back home to Cassie.

Wednesday night was a fun night.  In part because it was Kalli’s birthday and in part because it was the first night that we were all back together as a family again.  My parents stopped by after school to bring Kalli’s suitcase back and to see Cassie Ann.  Later my Aunt Mary and cousin, Matt stopped by to see Cassie and to bring a ice cream cake for Kalli to share.  We ended the evening with the girls FaceTiming with Tony and Kelli so that they could see Cassie and wish Kalli a happy birthday.

It was an awesome night and we were all smiles and laughs.  It felt good to have some normalcy again.  To be home and to be together again.

Cassie and I still have a road ahead of us.  The next 3 weeks are going to be a little rough as she heals more.  In 3 weeks we go back down to Milwaukee to have a check up with her doctor.  Hopefully at that point we will get the all clear and Cassie can get back to her normal activities.  At this point she is limited to nothing strenuous whatsoever and caring for her incisions and such take up a good part of our time.

We are counting down the days until her appointment at this point because we know it will all be worth it, but it has been rough.  For now though, we are just thrilled to be home and with our family and friends again.


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