Update on Cassie

Things have been a little hectic around here as of late.  It seems that Cassie and I are attached at the hip and I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever be separate again.

I of course, am over exaggerating.  It’s just that I am the one that takes care of her wounds and helping her with all the little things that she needs help with until she is given the go ahead and is more healed.

About 2 weeks after surgery, Cassie ended up getting an infection in her incisions.  One incision in particular had opened up quite a bit and was oozing green (Too much info?  I’m sorry).  I called down to the doctors at Children’s Hospital and they told me to head to the ER here in town and have it looked at to see if it was indeed infected.  Of course the main purpose was so that they could look at it and get Cassie on some antibiotics.

Surprise!!  It is infected (like I didn’t already know that) and because of bacteria and such they didn’t want to put new stitches in.  She is left to heal from the inside out now.  It won’t be a pretty scar, but with all the scars she already has on her belly, I don’t foresee Cassie really wanting to show off her belly in the future.  Though if she was comfortable with it, I’d be proud.  She should be proud of herself…’battle scars’ and all.

We spent 10 days taking antibiotics twice daily and doing hot compresses about 3 times a day to draw out the infection.  It worked and we stopped oozing and started healing.

A couple days ago, however, Cassie developed a fever.  A fever of 103 degrees.  I was able to get the fever down to 100 degrees with fever reducers, but that isn’t saying all that much.  There was vomiting, violent body shaking, high fevers, and a very miserable little girl.

Of course I contacted her doctor’s nurse down at Children’s Hospital.  (Side note: I don’t know if I have said this or not, but I have nothing bad to say about my experience with Children’s, our doctor, or his nurses.  They have all been wonderful)  The nurse called back to get all the details and then talked to the doctor.  A couple calls later, Cassie has just started back on antibiotics and though we aren’t sure where the infection is, we know that it is there.  Cassie’s incisions actually look very good to me.  The one that had opened up so much is healing wonderfully and while I know there is still a road of healing ahead of us, things look very good.

On Thursday Cassie, Kalli, and I will be heading down to Milwaukee to see her doctor and see how he thinks things are going.  I’m hoping that everything is healing on the inside as it should be and that we will hear positives about how she is doing.  I need positives as I’m running on fumes and am worried that I’m not doing things right.

Thursday can’t come soon enough.

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