Garden June 2012

Well, I have my garden planted.  For the most part.  I still want to add a few things, but I feel like I may be running out of time.  Here is a tour of my garden as of now.

This is my garden on the side of our house.  The overgrown out of control bushy thing is my raspberries.  They looked completely controlled at the beginning of the spring.  Now they are taking over and creeping out of the fenced area that I want them to stay in.  For example…

See where the fence is?  See where the raspberries are popping up?  Yeah….obviously they didn’t get the memo about boundaries.

Again…BOUNDARIES!!  I’ve even tried talking with the berry bush nicely.  It laughed at me.  Well, I think it was the bush laughing.  Could have been the neighbors.

I can’t complain too much though.  A couple of the berries are starting to pink up some.  I can almost taste their warm sweet flavor!!

On the other side of my garden I have pole beans growing.  They seem to be doing pretty well.  I have some growing up a trellis and yet more growing up a teepee of bamboo.

I also have 4 hills of zucchini planted.  Well…I put seeds in 4 areas (3 seeds in each little hill) for zucchini plants.  So far only 2 of my hills have zucchini growing.  Tonight I planted some more seeds and I’m hoping that they do well because I’d like to have enough zucchini to share with neighbors and friends.  Of course, that is after I make bread and bars out of them.

Here are my 4 baby tomato plants.  They are growing, but I’m impatient and want them to grow faster.  I think it is the really warm days we’ve been having.  It makes me feel like I should be harvesting already.  Patience isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Then there is the corn I planted.  I planted quite a few seeds.  Here is what I have to show for it….

Yeah…that is it.  One very small seedling.  One.  That is it.  It leaves me a little disappointed and I’m thinking about just pulling it up and giving up on corn completely.  I tried last year too and had absolutely no success.  If I pull it up now, I could always plant something in it’s place and try to get something out of the space.

I also have a large planter by the garage that I’ve planted some bush cucumbers in and I plan on putting some carrots in with them.  I’ve heard about companion planting lately as a way to make the best of small areas.  Side note: I have carrots planted in the garden but have nothing coming up yet.  Darn carrots!

In other news, I have this built in the front yard planting area.  My plan is to plant some flowers in these, however, so far I haven’t gotten them.  Look at me procrastinating!

I still have a few things that I’d like to plant over in my garden.  Perhaps potatoes, peppers, radishes, etc.  Mind you we don’t eat radishes…or know what to do with them but I know they grow quickly so I could actually get something out of this planting season.  Wonder if the neighbor would like some radishes.

All in all I really have to decide exactly what it is I’d like to put in it and where.  Then I have to get it in the ground before it gets too late in the season.

I need someone to motivate me.  Any takers?

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