So I *finally* got around to updating my header to a summer one… Only to have to change it again in a little over a month. There was a part of me that was just going to leave it, but I really didn’t want to stare at the spring one anymore.

I also put up a new ‘Photo of the Moment’. The snowstorm one was just a little…..depressing.


So over on this end I’ve been working on coming up with a plan and organizing chores for the family. Up to the present 99% of the housework falls to me. While part of me doesn’t mind (the OCD, controlling part of me), I’m to the point of not being able to keep up the way I’d like and just feeling very overwhelmed.

That is how I’d describe myself lately. Overwhelmed and drained. I’m sure every woman feels this at some point or another but, for me, I feel like it has gone on too long. I feel defeated. I’ve decided that I need to give up some control, ask/demand for some help, and finally get my house back in order so I don’t feel embarrassed when people stop by.

In full disclosure, my home has been in disarray for….longer then I’d like to admit. To the point that for the past month or so we haven’t used our kitchen table. (We’ve been *picnicing* in the livingroom instead. Also, my girls don’t do any “chores” at this point. They ask to help with things from time to time and will do things when asked (with not too much complaining) I realize that I’m doing them a disservice by not giving them more responsibilities and is another reason for my want to change how things are done.

I’ve talked with the girls quite a bit recently about how things are going to change. I’ve told them that I just can’t seem to keep up with everything and that I need some of their help. Keeping the house running and in order is something a family should do together…everyone contributing and doing their part. For now they are excited about it. We’ll see how that goes as responsibilities are added to their days.

For now, we are planning on doing what I grew up with…Saturday morning is all hands on deck cleaning of every room. I’ve written down on paper everything that could/should be done in each room and I’m going to make a checklist to be used on Saturdays. I am also making up something similar to this. My thought is that I’ll put in things that are daily things or that are somewhat deep cleaning. I also LOVE this idea from here and am completely going to use it when I find their things laying around after I’ve repeatedly told them to pick up their things.

There will be some separate chores kept just for cases like this. Some won’t be chores, but physical activities instead. For example, running stairs or jumping jacks for Kalli. Practicing her walking up and down the stairs for Cassie along with doing crunches. Other things they can do to earn back their items will include wiping down baseboards in one of the rooms, cleaning the kitchen chairs – in between all the slots of the backrest, vacuuming the stairs, and many other ideas that I keep coming up with.

I’m looking forward to get this system going and hopefully see some good results. I’m sure there will be complaining, but that too shall pass. I only have a couple more things that I would like to get set still and then we will be off to the races.

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