Counting Down to the First Day of School

We’ve been dealing with colds in our household for the past 2 weeks.  It started off with Cassie and quickly moved onto Kalli.  They both had the typical head cold…runny nose, congestion, sore throat, coughing.  Then they decided to share it with my mom.  Aren’t they sweet?

I have yet to get it though I am suffering from a slight sore throat and a chest that feels heavy at times.  I’m sure I will survive though.  Unless I don’t.

We’ve been gearing up for school this past week.  Trying to get everything set and as organized as possible.  Kalli, who is going into third grade, met her teachers this past Wednesday and dropped off her school supplies so that she doesn’t have to do it the first day.

Cassie is going into middle school this year (6th grade) and things are a little more involved to get her ready and organized.  Cassie isn’t a real organized person in the first place, nor does she have a good memory.  Now I worry some as she moves into a school where she will have to move between classes throughout the day, deal with having to get the all of the correct materials for each class from her locker, and  learn to juggle an extra homework load.

She was able to attend her school’s open house this past week as well.  She recieved her schedule, found where classrooms are located, met teachers, got her locker assignment, and was able to organize her locker with her supplies.  I did my best to get her organized  by color coordinating everything, putting her schedule into each subject’s notebook and also on the inside door of her locker.  We practiced opening her locker several times and I walked her through what seemed like the easiest way to take what she needs with her to each class and not be having to visit her locker constantly.

I think she is as prepared as I am able to get her and now she has to take the ball and run with it.  I just have to make sure she doesn’t fumble it along the way and stays on top of things.  I want her to learn to be organized and ‘care’ about how well her homework is done.  (This past year she was more about just getting it done and rushed through a lot of it so she ended up doing some things over again when they were incorrect.)

I will have access to a program called Infinite Campus which will aide me in making sure she is on top of things.  In this program I will be able to see what assignments she has been given, when she has turned them in, and what her grades on homework and tests are.  I’ll have direct email addresses to her teachers if issues arise and hopefully this will keep things running more smoothly.  I want her to take responsibility for her work and pride herself on a job well done, but at the same time I want to know when redirection is needed or when she is struggling.

While both the girls are completely stoked about school starting up again (they love school), Cassie is nervous which is completely natural when moving to a new school.  I’ve tried to give reassurance and advice on making the transition smooth.  I know that she will do well once she gets going.  I’m just hoping that I do alright….you do realize that my baby is going into middle school!

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