Beaches, S’mores, and Hornets…Hurray!

School has begun and the girls seem to still be enjoying being back at school.

I started off the year by completely forgetting to take back to school pictures before the girls got on bus. I only remembered after seeing other pictures on Facebook from parents that were obviously more organized them myself. I spent the day hoping that they wouldn’t look to exhausted or drained by the time they got home. And I also hoped that the guilt I felt would pass quickly. What kind of mom forgets to take pictures?? Especially for Cassie who was in her first year of Middle School.

Fortunately, the girls still looked happy when they got home and after getting some pictures I felt better. No one need know…right? Well, except for all of you that I just told. Oops!

It was refreshing when I picked up Cassie (I always bring and pick up girls on first day of school…it’s tradition) and she couldn’t stop telling me about her day. Usually Kalli pushes to be the center of attention and interrupts Cassie no matter how many times we ask her to wait her turn. Cassie then backs off and goes quiet, refusing to ‘fight’ for the attention. Now that Cassie finishes school a full hour before Kalli she is able to share about her day and have my undivided attention. It’s wonderful to hear her, what she has to say, and know what she finds important enough to put out there without me asking questions.

The girls regaled me with stories of how their day went, who was in their classes, how they liked their teachers so far, and other details of their day back to school. I really am fortunate that my girlies love school still.


The weekend after school started we went on our last camping trip for the season.

Becky, Brady, and I headed up to the campground early to check in, get camp set up, and purchase wood for the weekend. Meanwhile, Andy waited for the girls to finish with school and then drove up to meet us. It ended up being a very good thing that Becky and I headed up early because, shortly after we got everything set up, it poured. I covered our pile of wood and the camp chairs with an extra tarp before taking refuge in Becky’s tent.

We sat listening to the loud pounding of raindrops on the top of the tent hoping that it wouldn’t last for long, that the tent would keep us dry, and that the rain was a fluke.  We also hoped that it wasn’t a sign of the weekend to come.

By the time everyone arrived the rain was subsiding and we were able to finish setting up bedding and, because the fire pit was in middle of a lake AND we forgot the tripod, I started dinner on my camp stove.

Fortunately luck with us and the weather cooperated the rest of the weekend.  We spent time at the beach, relaxed around the fire, shared s’mores, and had a wonderful time.  Well, had a wonderful time except for the little bit of time after I was stung by a hornet.  Ends up that the reason it is called being stung is because, duh, it stings!!  A lot.  I tried very hard to down play the whole incident since the girls are already scared enough of bees/hornets/anything that may be scary in the smallest of ways.  I’m not sure if I succeeded but if nothing else I showed them that after being stung, you can survive. 🙂

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