Bountiful Harvest

I haven’t said too much about my garden this year.  This is in part because my garden has been a major disappointment this year for me.  I don’t know if it was because of how hot it was or if it was too dry or if it was the fact that….gardens-can-be-so-frustrating.  Either way, I didn’t get too much out of it.  I mean, out of 2 zucchini plants I harvested 1 zucchini.  My pepper plant produced nothing.  My cucumber plants (3 of them) died off early in the season.  I watered, I talked, I almost considered sleeping with them to keep them company.  Disappointing is putting it lightly.

My tomatoes and pole beans did somewhat decent though.

This is my first harvest of tomatoes and beans that I had gotten (a couple of weeks ago now).  I decided to try my hand at canning tomatoes and after collecting tomatoes from my parent’s as well (they had more plants than myself) I started the process of canning.  I decided to can, what I’d consider, diced tomatoes.

Canning itself went well and everything sealed and all was good with the world.  Sadness did set in some when I saw how many quart jars I ended up with though.  I thought I’d have more.  I ended up with 9 jars, 5 of which I gave to my parents.  I’ve been urging the tomatoes left on the vine to mature quicker because I want to can some more.  I’m an addict, I guess.

This time ’round, I’m going to can quartered tomatoes.  It’ll leave more options of things to do with the tomatoes.  Anything from using them quartered all the way to creating a tomato sauce.  I’ve even been watching the night temperatures to see if it is going to do a decent freeze.  My goal is to pull tomatoes while green, if it is going to get too cool, and ripen them indoors while wrapped in newspaper.  Hopefully I can get some more quarts canned and have a good supply to keep us through the winter.

I already have plans for planting more plants for next year.  That way I won’t be as sad when other plants die off or don’t do as well.  :: le sigh ::

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