Random Complaints

So I’m not one to complain.

Oh, who am I kidding??  I complain….way more then I probably should.  It just seems so easy to complain about things.  😉

1. I love my children…more then life itself!  I wouldn’t ever give them up.  I do, however, wish that they would learn to pick up some.  I was downstairs in the basement organizing my crafty things, doing some laundry, and cleaning up our storage area some when  I found SEVERAL board games that were not where they belonged, instruction sheets that were not with their games, and pieces that were not in their boxes.  UGH!  I mean, really, how hard is it to put a game away when you are done?  You put everything in the box…everything…and then you put it back on the shelf where you got it from.  I admit that I am not an organized person and that I struggle to keep things clean around the house (I’m working on it) but couldn’t they at least put the games away?  Please?

2.  Again with the children….While downstairs I saw that they had been watching movies down there.  This is absolutely fine.  I love that they will go down there from time to time to watch a movie together.  What I do not like is that there are now DVD boxes laying in a pile next to a bunch of DVDs that are strewn into somewhat of a pile.  I mean, really?  I’ve grounded them from DVDs before and it looks like after they sort and put them all away again they will be prohibited from using DVDs for a while.  It’s just frustrating!

3.  My hands smell like tomatoes.  Last night and tonight I did canning of tomatoes.  I now have 12 quart jars and I feel like I’m contributing to my family in a very Susie Homemaker/Little House on the Prairie way.  The smell though…it gets to be a little overwhelming from time to time and I can’t seem to outrun the smell.  Not that I’m running.  I don’t run.  Unless my children are in danger or something big and scary is chasing me.

4.    Why is it that some things are never ending?  Bills come monthly even though I just paid them the past month.  Laundry piles up even as I try to stay caught up.  People keep using dishes even though I JUST finished and wiped the counters down.  You think they would take notice and maybe…I don’t know…stop eating or something.  Dusting…it seems that as soon as I turn around the dust collects back where I just dusted.  Every day Kalli comes home from school and puts papers that she did or things I need to look at on my desk.  Mail gets put on my desk as well.  No wonder my desk looks like a tornado went through.

5.  I know it is my right to vote, but oh my goodness… all the political commercials and ads are just exasperating.  The digs on the other guy.  The repetitiveness of it all as you hear the same ads over and over.  Only 2 days though.  2 days until the ads are done for a while.  It’ll be wonderful.

6.  Organization isn’t exactly an area that I’m strong in.  I’m trying though.  I’m making my way from area to area in an attempt to purge unneeded things and clean things up.  It is hard though.  Deciding what to get rid of and keeping motivated to continue going is where I’m struggling.  AND – For some reason, my let’s-get-things-done energy shows up around 8:00.  8:00 at night, that is.  It is at this time that I’m suppose to be starting to think about how in a couple hours I will be heading to bed.  Instead I start cleaning and Andy watches me like I have 3 heads because he is tired and wants to go to bed in just 2 hours.  Why is it my body likes this time of the day so much?  Why can’t it get on board with the schedule that I need to keep?  Why can’t it be more of a morning person and not such a night owl?  Irritating as it is, I can’t seem to change it.  I detest mornings and energy eludes me during the day.

And so ends my complaining of this evening.  If you made it through all my complaining, you are a wonderful and patient person.  And you’re pretty too.

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