Onto Christmas

Thanksgiving has come and gone again.  Now we are looking towards Christmas and all the craziness that comes with it.

Surprisingly, I feel pretty calm about Christmas overall.  I still have 26 days to start freaking out about it though.  Plenty of time.

We’ve all been taking turns with a stomach bug that is making its way through our family.  Kalli started it, followed by Andy.  Today Cassie was down with it and now I’m starting not to feel so well.  Kalli and Andy were at least fortunate enough to be sick on the weeekend and didn’t have to miss any school or work.  Cassie missed school today but hopefully will be able to go back tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I am spending time trying to negotiate with my body about how sick we will get.  I’m hoping that I can sweet talk it into letting me get by with the bare essential of symptoms.  Only time will tell.

I’m trying to get back in a groove of posting here but have been busy trying to get another site up and going that will be a resource for parents and families of children with Spina Bifida.  I’m hoping to be able to balance the two sites and keep both going.

Let’s cross our fingers.

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